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The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) is a trade association that represents the interests of oil fired appliance, oil storage tank and associated equipment manufacturers in the Republic of Ireland. We work with over 90 training centres that offer education and competency assessment to heating professionals and we raise awareness with consumers about the advantages of using liquid heating fuels for heating and cooking.

56% of households in Northern Ireland and 45% of households in the Republic of Ireland use liquid fuels for heating and/or cooking. A major lobbying campaign is underway in Ireland to introduce a Government backed register for heating professionals.

The principle domestic heating liquid fuel in Ireland is kerosene – not gas-oil as used in most other European countries.

OFTEC Ireland announces success of biofuel in Northern Ireland
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Advertising Standards Agency for Ireland upholds ruling against Calor Gas
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OFTEC Ireland issues advice to first time homebuyers
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OFTEC highlights lack of awareness of carbon monoxide in Northern Ireland
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