Alliance Solutions Fioul (ASF)

The French organisation “Alliance Solutions Fioul - ASF” promotes the efficient use of heating oil and its image for domestic heating fuel energy supplying consumers, professionals and authorities with all necessary information and advice.

The ASF communicates to the public. It provides brochures, participates in professional trade fairs and public exhibitions, organises information meetings.

The “ASF” takes an active part in legislative work in areas related to the industry by taking initiatives, giving presentations and statements, and by representing the industry on committees and working groups appointed by the government.

The ASF maintains close relations with:

  • Heating professionals, manufacturers and wholesalers of heating equipment, heating system installers, companies involved in the maintenance of heating equipment ...
  • Building professionals - architects, house builders, construction companies...
  • Decision-makers at local government levels : locally elected representatives, town engineers and technicians.


Mohamed Abdelmoumene
Directeur technique

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