The Institute for Heating and Oil Technology (IWO) is active in the German heat market with the aim of spreading efficient and low-emission heating technology in the interest of climate protection and resource conservation. IWO is committed to leveraging the benefits of the energy source heating oil in the heat market in the longer term. Its main tasks are research, information and advice.

IWO is an organisation of the German oil industry and was established in 1984 in Hamburg under the name Institute of Economic Oil Heating. Since spring 2011 IWO stands for Institute for Heating and Oil Technology. Members include the companies of the oil industry, oil external trade and wholesale trade as well as the German Association of medium-sized Oil Companies (UNITI). Renowned manufacturers of heating devices and components as well as other institutions and associations supervise the work of IWO as supporting members.

Power-to-Heat improves heating cost balance by 21 percent
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Survey: 94 per cent of consumers are satisfied with their oil heating
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Increase in Oil-Fired Heating System Sales Supports Germany’s Energy Revolution
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German HEAT Congress, 4 November 2014
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German oil heating industry contributes to national building refurbishment
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Concrete targets but technology-neutral approach: The key for cost-optimal building renovation
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Dr. Ernst-Moritz Bellingen
Energy Policy Director