Informazout is the information centre dealing with the rational use and saving of heating oil. The organisation was set up in 1977 by 4 federations together representing the Belgian heating oil sector: the Petroleum Federation, the Petroleum Union, the Mineral Oils Industry and the Federation of Fuel Traders.

The activities of the association are structured in an inbound communication program through its Service center providing tailor made advice to consumers and professionals and outbound communication programs focused on selected groups such as the consumers, professionals for the building and heating industry and local, regional and federal governments. Informazout gets technical support from Cedicol, a sister organisation representing the constructors and importers of tanks, boilers/burners, regulation and measurement technologies and accessories. Cedicol services government and professionals in the heating industry, offers training at a dedicated centre, investigates the practical application of new combustion and storage techniques, and operates the quality labels OPTITANK for oil tanks , OPTIMAZ/OPTIMAZ-elite for boiler/burner combinations and MAZOUTEXPERT for technicians.

Agir ensemble pour le chauffage de demain – Pour une politique énergétique durable et optimale en termes de coûts, axée sur la sécurité d’approvisionnement et l’environnement.

In its policy paper, Informazout puts forward six proposals for a sustainable and cost-optimal energy policy focused on security of supply and the environment. Oil is an important raw material for several sectors in Belgium. For instance, 33% of Belgians today heat their homes with oil, making oil the second most important energy source for heating households in Belgium. Industry, the service sector and agriculture also accounts for over one third of the fuel consumption in the country.

The six proposals:

  • The focus should not only be on new constructions and overall renovations, but also on the stimulation of the renovation of technical installations
  • Simplify the transition to efficient boilers that are respectful of the environment
  • Give all cost effective energies a role in the energy mix
  • Stimulate the presence of energy storage infrastructure (including in households)
  • Stimulate additional green innovations to facilitate their placing on the market
  • Simplify and streamline regulations

The policy paper is available in French and Dutch.
pdfMemorandum Actie Samen zorgen voor de verwarming van morgen
pdfMemorandum Action Agir ensemble pour le chauffage de demain

Switching energy does not bring any environmental gain
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Willem Voets
General Manager