Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association

The Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association is an interest promotion and cooperation organization for its members, representing the industry in matters related to energy, the environment, and traffic and transport policy. The goal of the Association is to promote the responsible use of liquid fuels and to participate in the development of sustainable energy future and to build a framework for the profitable activity of the sector. Many of the Association’s member companies have long been important producers and distributors of sustainably produced biofuels, too.

Promoting the industry's views and interests in matters associated with new legislation affecting the industry is a central part of this role. The Association takes an active part in legislative work in areas related to the industry by making initiatives, giving presentations and statements, and by representing the industry on committees and working groups appointed by the government.

Energy Efficiency Agreement

In Finland, Energy Efficiency Agreements have, all in all, accomplished good results, allowing the national and EU-level energy efficiency goals to be addressed through voluntary means.

The agreement activities in the oil sector for the promotion of energy efficiency and energy savings were started in 1997. Over the following two decades, significant energy savings have been achieved as oil heating systems have been updated and required maintenance work has been carried out in time. The improved energy efficiency, attributable to the agreements, has considerably reduced the consumption of heating oil.

The current oil sector Energy Efficiency Agreement ”Höylä IV” covers years 2017 - 2025. The agreement also sets goals for the economical use of renewable energy in a manner beneficial with regard to the environmental impact in oil-heated buildings.

The parties to the agreement are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of the Environment for the Finnish government and the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association, the Heating Energy Association and all heating oil wholesale companies. The Oil Industry Service Centre, a company owned by the Association, executes the agreement.  As part of the agreement, the Service Centre also publishes the ‘Lämmöllä’ magazine, a journal which is delivered to households using oil heating. It also publishes guides and takes part in trade fairs and supplies consumers with advice and information.

International activities

The Association works closely with other National Oil Industry Associations (NOIA), notably in the Nordic countries and Europe, and with the Brussels-based FuelsEurope. The Association is a full member of the European Heating Oil Association EUROFUEL. The Association also participates in the work of the World Energy Council through WECFinland, which is a co-operation body for various companies and organisations in the energy sector.

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