Eurofuel structure

Eurofuel’s members are national organisations which represent and take care of the domestic heating industry in their country. They participate in the Eurofuel General Assembly. This body elects a President, currently Dr. Ernst-Moritz Bellingen, a Vice-President (Martin Reichard), and appoints a Secretary General to manage the day-to-day core activities of the Association. Eurofuel also has a Treasurer (Willem Voets), who manages legal issues and financial aspects.

Members elect 6 representatives as members of the Board, in charge of common policy, and to review progress on key issues. Technical and economic matters are handled by Committees, whose Chairpersons are approved by the General Assembly and whose membership is drawn from experts proposed by the national associations. The members of Eurofuel are: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway and the United Kingdom. Switzerland and UPEI (the Union of European Petroleum Independents) are associate members.