Saving energy in buildings in an affordable way

Eurofuel is particularly active in the promotion of cost-effective energy savings in buildings, which are very beneficial and affordable to households, especially in a period of economic difficulties. To support citizens’ efforts, Eurofuel members have been conducting very successful schemes at local level. Have a look at our case studies!

News items

  • 10.11.2017
    Energy transition in heating: German experts debate perspectives for liquid fuels

    130 industry and scientific experts from the German energy sector met in Hamburg for the 8th Oil Symposium on 9 November 2017, jointly organised by Eurofuel’s German member IWO and the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK).


  • 26.10.2017
    New leadership for our Technical Commission

    Christian Ulrich from IWO-Austria has become the new president of Eurofuel's technical body.

  • 24.10.2017
    “Golden-plating” in climate change policy: Austrian stakeholders call for technology-open approach

    A pragmatic approach prioritising efficiency improvements in buildings is needed to deliver on Europe’s climate and energy policy targets


  • 29.09.2017
    Study on greenhouse gas-reduced liquid fuels: Policy-makers welcome a knowledge “gap-filler” for Europe

    A study on future liquid fuels for heating was well received by leading EU policy-makers working on the Renewable Energy Directive

  • 26.09.2017
    Renewable and low-carbon energy in heating: Study shows high potential of liquid fuels

    A new study presented to EU policy-makers assesses the technical possibilities, climate impact and costs of innovative liquid fuels which may progressively supply Europe’s 20 million homes heated with oil


  • UK Perspective: It's Time to Wake Up to the Hard Facts About Decarbonising Off-Grid Homes


  • Liquid Fuels for Tomorrow’s Heat Supply: Eurofuel sets out a pathway for multi-energy hybrid heating towards 2050


  • Climate change regulations: Brexit or Not Brexit? Views from the UK oil heating sector