Contributing to Europe’s Energy Union and the future of heating

The first months of 2015 have been marked by Europe’s new drive towards an “Energy Union”, an ambitious project presented by European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič on 25 February 2015. Eurofuel has welcomed this initiative which clearly puts energy efficiency first!

The heating sector has also been much in the focus of EU policy-makers, with the start of preparatory work on an EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling, expected later this year. Eurofuel attended the stakeholder conference organised by the Commission on 26-27 February and argued in favour of a technology-open approach, duly considering the climatic and geographic diversity of Europe. Ensuring a safe supply of heat to citizens should also be a priority in our view.

In the months of March and April, Eurofuel had very fruitful and constructive meetings with representatives from the European Parliament and the Commission, to discuss our position on the Energy Union and how sustainable oil heating solutions can contribute to Europe’s energy transition and guarantee a stable heat supply.

However, Eurofuel has remained concerned about unilateral action to ban oil heating or to discriminate against it, particularly in Denmark. The case is currently under Commission scrutiny and Eurofuel will continue to defend the long-term role of oil and liquid fuels in heating.

Some internal news to finish this newsletter: after nearly 10 years as an active President of Eurofuel and director of IWO Germany, Prof. Christian Küchen has decided to move and take on new challenges. He will be replaced with Jeremy Hawksley, the Director General of OFTEC for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. We welcome Jeremy Hawksley as an acting President and wish Prof. Küchen all the best in his future endeavours!


Our take on the new Energy Union

Eurofuel welcomed the launch by the European Commission of a European Energy Union to ensure efficient, affordable, secure and more climate-friendly energy for citizens and businesses.

Eurofuel congratulated the Commission on publishing such a comprehensive document seeking to tackle the twin challenges of the low level integration of energy supply within the EU and the climate change agenda. In that context, the recognition of the significant role heating can play is deeply appreciated, as is the clear focus on putting energy efficiency first.

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Our call for technology-open heating in Europe

Heating & CoolingEurofuel participated in the European Commission’s conference on “Heating and Cooling in the European Energy Transition” on 26-27 February 2015 and stressed the need for reliable energy supply for all European citizens. Heating solutions must be adapted to the local geographies, in particular to the different needs of rural and suburban areas. Multi-energy hybrid solutions with efficient oil heating technologies can positively contribute to the energy transition.

Our organisation had the chance to discuss the important role hybrid heating solutions could play in Europe’s energy transition with a number of policy-makers over the past few months. We will continue to contribute to the public debate in the months to come and look forward to an ambitious and technology-open EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling. Stay tuned!


Our commitment to defend the long-term role of liquid fuels in heating

Eurofuel remains concerned that Member States may take unilateral action to ban oil heating – or to discriminate against it in other ways, running against the principles of Europe’s internal market. Following representations to the European Commission in 2014 it is understood that the Danish government’s proposal to ban oil heating is under Commission scrutiny.

Eurofuel will continue to make the case that oil and /or liquid fuel heating has a long-term role to play and should not be disadvantaged whereas other fossil fuels such as gas are allowed to continue.


Jeremy Hawksley becomes Eurofuel’s acting President

Jeremy HawksleyJeremy Hawksley, the Director General of OFTEC for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and Vice-President of Eurofuel, has been appointed as the Acting President of Eurofuel by the Board of Directors, taking effect on 1st March 2015. Mr Hawksley succeeds to Prof. Christian Küchen, who successfully drove the industry forward since December 2005.   

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