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How to transition to low-carbon liquid fuels in a sector such as heating of off-grid homes, where alternatives are scarcely available? The energy transition requires to address all the energy carriers. Several studies show that liquid fuels will still be needed in the future.

On 11 and 12 October 2022, in the European quarter in Brussels, Eurofuel will dedicate two mornings to these topics and see how sustainable liquid fuels will contribute to the energy transition in buildings.

  • On 11 October 2022, Eurofuel organises a Workshop to present the preliminary results of the field tests carried out with boiler manufacturers (See more information on Eurofuel - Publications - EU Field Tests). The whole value chain of the sector will discuss how heating appliances adapt to low carbon and renewable liquid fuels for heating.
  • On 12 October 2022, Eurofuel organises a Policy Conference to address the role of low carbon and renewable liquid fuels for heating. This will be the opportunity for an open debate about the potential of these fuels, addressing the sustainability criteria, but also the affordability and availability of those liquid fuels.

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Eurofuel represents organisations that promote the use of liquid fuels for domestic heating in Europe.

Our membership covers 10 European countries and over 10 000 companies. Eurofuel encourages innovation and promotes existing and new liquid fuels and techniques for heating in the domestic market. Our members are committed to ensuring the competitiveness and efficiency of heating with liquid fuels, while also reducing its environmental footprint.