Liquid heating fuel: How users can reduce their consumption

There are a number of reasons to reduce your liquid heating fuel consumption: you want to play your part to save energy, you want to cut on your bills... Here is what you can do:

Right now

There are quick-wins to reduce your consumption: Immediate energy savings, immediate effect on bills!

Heating and Cooling IconsHeat your home to the right temperature

The healthiest solution is to set the temperature between 20 and 21°C. One degree less represents an energy saving up to 7%.


Heating and Cooling IconsLower the temperature at night and when you are away

This setting can be done automatically if you have a thermostat equipped with a timer. The economy is between 5 to 8% fuel.


Heating and Cooling IconsCarry out the annual maintenance of your installation

The annual maintenance of your heating installation has a positive impact on your consumption: an incorrectly adjusted burner can lead to overconsumption of 20 %.


Heating and Cooling IconsTake care of your radiators

Bleed your radiators – Make sure that the wall behind your radiators is insulated - Don't cover your radiators


Preparing for next winter

Hand turning a thermostat knob to increase savings by decreasing energy consumption. For a minimal investment, you can install automatic or smart thermostats


new radiatorConsider replacing your old boiler/burner

Depending on the age of your heating installation, it may be worth replacing your boiler even if it is still working properly. Replacing a boiler over 20 years old with a recent, high-efficiency model can save up to 30% in fuel oil. You may also consider having a hybrid installation, which is the combination of the best of different technologies.


Either short term or long term, measures can start now!