IWO Austria’s renaming into EWO (Energie.Wärme.Österreich)

The energy transition makes urgent demands on the heating market. Against this background, IWO Austria takes the next step.

IWO Austria is renamed into EWO (Energy.Wärme.Österreich). The prime task of EWO (Energie.Wärme.Österreich) is the promotion of the efficient use of liquid fuels in the Austrian domestic heating market. For this purpose EWO especially promotes the maintenance of existing oil heating systems as well as the development and use of renewable liquid heating fuels as a future source of energy.



17th Nov. 2022: In the course of the General Assembly, IWO Austria‘s members voted unanimously for the renaming into EWO (Energie.Wärme.Österreich) – centre of competence for domestic heating and renewable liquid fuels.

"The energy transition is of one of the biggest challenges of our time and the domestic heating market will definitely play a critical role in this process. In the past years IWO’s focus has thus more and more shifted towards the question how renewable liquid fuels can contribute to a successful energy transition. Renaming our organization was a logical step according to our new focus", explains Martin Reichard, General Manager of EWO.



Together with its members, EWO envisions a future of energy with a secure energy supply, sustainability and where efficiency has top priority.

  This involves

  • remarkable reduction of CO2-emissions
  • secure energy supply thanks to liquid fuels

Liquid fuels need to be accepted and promoted as significant part of the energy mix. They need to be affordable and their supply needs to be strategically secured in the long term. Furthermore, in future they will be produced from 100% renewable resources.

EWO is a pioneer driving the transition from fossile fuels to renewable liquid fuels forward. The organization represents the voice of 1.2 million consumers and more than 600.000 oil-heated househoulds in Austria.



EWO’s mission is to release the potential of renewable liquid fuels by

  • preserving the existing heating system, storage and transportation network
  • consistent improvement and innovation of the production process for renewable liquid fuels

 "During an energy crisis homeowners should never be forced into the situation of having to replace an existing and reliable heating system. Innovation is key to the energy transition. Technical progress needs to be promoted and made available to the public", says Jürgen Roth, Head of the Board of EWO.

EWO connects research institutions, industry, retail, NGOs and political decision makers with the aim of developing frameworks for the introduction of renewable liquid fuels on the energy market.



In order to accomplish this mission, EWO asks political decision makers to

  • treat all sources of energy equally
  • to acknowledge the importance of liquid fuels in the security of supply
  • be open to all technologies
  • to promote innovations financially