Informazout becomes in4fuels: A logical step in the energy transition

Informazout has changed its name and is now called in4fuels. This new name and accompanying visual identity expresses the ambition of the board and members of Informazout to focus even more on sustainable heating. Over the years, our field of action had expanded considerably due to the growing demand for more sustainable energy solutions. Hence our organisation’s name no longer covered what we do. With in4fuels, we emphasise that we are committed to all liquid fuels, especially those including renewable liquid fuels.

In4fuels, what's IN a name?

The 'in' in in4fuels stands for:

  • INspiring to heat more sustainably;
  • INsight into the possibilities of low-carbon liquid fuels and an understanding of the market and users;
  • But above all, of course, our new name continues to refer to the fact that we are an INformation center for heating.

Fuel distributors, heating technicians, consumers and other stakeholders can continue to count on us for neutral and up-to-date information on (low-carbon) liquid fuels and their CO2 reduction capacity, on storage and boiler maintenance legislation, and on hybrid alternatives. In addition, we continue to help our members with technical support and gauge their needs through market research and surveys.

We remain committed to our 3-step plan

Our strategic 3-step plan, aligning ourselves with climate goals, remains in place: 

  1. increase efficiency
  2. focus on hybrid heating 
  3. phasing in renewable fuels. 

To bring the consumer along in this journey, we continue to start from the personal situation of the end user. We promote affordable and feasible heating solutions and want to avoid uncertainty or unnecessary investment at all costs.

Accessible and sustainable solutions

Besides the members of our association and heating oil users, in4fuels also continues to address the competent political and administrative authorities to emphasise the role of sustainable liquid fuels in heating buildings. In doing so, we advocate for accessibility to all heating technologies and for affordable and technically feasible solutions. 

Building on the merits of Informazout

Despite the many changes, in4fuels builds on the expertise of Informazout. Thanks to our expertise  and services, gathered over a period of more than 50 years, in4fuels is able to respond optimally to the many evolutions and challenges within the energy sector. Low-carbon liquid fuels are therefore central to the future work of in4fuels. They lead to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels. And because they are so-called drop-in fuels, the practical intervention and extra cost of conversion is limited. In addition, we will focus even more on hybrid heating technologies. We believe these technologies will play a crucial role in the energy transition. They contribute to an instant reduction in CO2 emissions and ensure reliable heating of buildings.