EWO consumers survey reveals: Austrians are extraordinarily satisfied with their oil-heating systems

In February 2024 EWO (Energie.Wärme.Österreich) – The Austrian Competence Centre for Domestic Heating and Liquid Fuels – conducted a survey among 8,627 oil-heating households throughout Austria.

Key results:

  • Austria's oil heating system owners are very satisfied with their heating system (satisfaction rating 4.8/5)
  • In the future they want to continue to use liquid fuels for heating
  • The participants prefer to act on their own responsibility when it comes to modernising and improving the efficiency of their heating system, such as hybrid solutions or the implementation of modern oil condensing technology
  • Many of the respondents (70%) intend to pass on their property - including an efficient heating system - to the next generation


With a score of 4.8 (max. 5), satisfaction with oil-heating among those surveyed remains high compared to the EWO surveys in the previous year. The satisfaction rating speaks for itself: 58% have been loyal to the oil heating system for over 30 years.

70% of respondents look with confidence into future of their oil heating system. The probability of still using the current heating system in 10 years is also very high and is stated to be 70% on average.


Recently the Austrian Law for Renewable Heating (Erneuerbaren-Wärme-Gesetz) has shifted away from a mandatory phase-out of oil-fired heating systems towards freedom of choice. This begin of a rethink is very much welcomed by both EWO and the oil-heating households themselves," explains Reichard.

"We have great confidence that Austria's oil-heating households will be able to decide for themselves which heating system is the right one for them; from an economic, social and technical point of view. The future prospects of oil heating as a climate-friendly form of heating also play a major role for them," says the EWO Managing Director.

"Households appreciate the numerous advantages of their oil heating" - Martin Reichard (EWO Managing Director).