Eurofuel statement on heating oil restrictions

In Europe some national or regional governments are looking at banning the use of heating oil or oil boilers – here is why we think this is counter-productive.

• Liquid fuels are a reliable, flexible and affordable energy source for heating systems

• We already have the technology to produce renewable carbon neutral liquid fuels

• The principle of technology neutrality guarantees a cost-effective solution and had been acknowledged by the EU Institutions

• Decarbonisation of heating should and can be done in a socially fair way

• Industry evolutions happen every day (hybrid, future low-carbon liquid fuels): a ban would discourage such developments and investments

• The European internal market is the purpose of the European Union: bans are an obstacle to the free movement of goods

• Easy to store and perfect backup energy in hybrid heating system with renewable energy

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Eurofuel statement on heating oil restrictions Image 1
Oil boiler

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