Future fuels: the future is happening now!

EUSEW 2021 Labels250x250 ENERGY DAY ORGANISER V02Every Friday over the course of 5 weeks, Eurofuel will present the "Future Fuels" in the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Days.

By 2050, we need to decarbonise heating.

Liquid fuels can contribute to the energy transition for heating and ensure and inclusive recovery. They are a sustainable and affordable alternative for households located in off-grid areas (17% Europeans). The campaign will present the following topics:

1. Liquid fuels for heating: why we need them even more for the energy transition (10 September 2021)

2. What are they (FAME, HVO, PtX)? (17 September 2021)

3. How sustainable are they? (24 September 2021)

4. The liquid heating fuel industry and boilers manufacturers have tested the solution - how does it work? (1 October 2021)

5. What will the sector look like in 2050? (8 October 2021)



Future fuels: the future is happening now!

#FutureFuelsFriday – part 4

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Low carbon fuels are being trialled successfully in heating projects across Europe.

Companies and organisations from seven European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland) have joined the current field test.

The aim is to show that older houses with oil boilers can reach the climate goals as well as new build houses. These field trials test the new fuels in real life, in real homes and with real people who use the heating systems and make sure that the climate goals are achievable.

In total, more than one hundred family homes across Europe now use low carbon liquid fuels, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions considerably. Different numbers of homes have joined the test in each country – with a variety of different renewable fuels and heating system configurations being tested.

Map with heating systems in EU driven by alternativ fuels 4


Manufacturers of heating appliances, storage tanks, ancillary components and fuel distributors have joined forces to ensure the success of this initiative.

In 2020, the European Heating Industry (EHI) and the European Heating Oil Association (Eurofuel) signed an agreement to conduct joint field trials.

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The project officially started in 2020 and will have a timeframe of two or three full winter heating periods. The first reliable results therefore will be available in 2021. The final report should be available in 2023.

More information: https://www.eurofuel.eu/publications/position-papers/item/462-eu-field-tests


A few examples on the ground:Flyer field tests 2021 ES page 0004