Eurofuel Technical Workshop - 111022

To assess the compatibility between existing boilers and different blends of products, Eurofuel and the European Heating Industry (EHI) run field tests.
In total, about more than two hundred family homes across Europe were involved in the field tests. Due to regional requirements, different types of liquid fuels were used. 
Some minor technical adjustments may be needed, depending on the fuel mix and boiler, but the preliminary results show that compatibility can be achieved at a minimal cost for consumers: the existing equipment is future-proof. The results are promising, all appliances are running well, and commercial scale-up is under discussion. 
The event will be presenting the interim results.

  • 10h00  Welcome - Moritz Bellingen, President Eurofuel
  • 10h10  Results of Belgian field tests - Guido Saenen, Informazout
  • 10h25  Results of German field tests - Wilfried Linke, BDH
  • 10h40  EU field test & Green fuel ready label - Moritz Bellingen, Eurofuel
  • 10h55  Burner adaptations - Erica Furin, Ariston Thermo Group*
  • 11h10  Boiler adaptations - Raphael Lang, Buderus
  • 11h25  Additives adaptations - Martin Müller, Cirkel
  • 11h40  Q&A
  • 11h55  Summary, next steps - Sandrine Devos & Moritz Bellingen, 


*Speakers invited, not confirmed


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