Eurofuel Policy conference - 121022

How to transition to low-carbon liquid fuels in a sector such as heating of off-grid homes, where alternatives are scarcely available?
The energy transition requires to address all the energy carriers. Several studies show that liquid fuels will still be needed in the future. Yet, liquid fuels are often seen as belonging to the past, while R&D has helped developing low carbon liquid fuels. The event aims at raising awareness and explaining with concrete examples the role of liquid fuels in contributing to the decarbonisation process. The purpose will be to have an open debate about the potential of these fuels, addressing the sustainability criteria, but also the affordability and availability of those liquid fuels.

  • Welcome - Moritz Bellingen, President Eurofuel
  • Panel on low carbon and renewable liquid fuels
    Moderator: Ian Sharp, FuelsEurope
    Bjorn Breckx, Head of Branded Sales Europe, Renewable Road Transportation, Neste
    Martin Kuhn, Product Manager, Viessmann Group
    Frédéric Plan*, Director of FF3C 
    Ralf Diemer, Managing Director, eFuel Alliance
  • What is the way forward for liquid heating fuels? Moritz Bellingen, President Eurofuel
  • Q&A with the audience
  • Conclusions - Klaus Lucka, Managing Director TEC4FUELS
  • Next steps - Sandrine Devos, Secretary General of Eurofuel*


*Speakers invited, not confirmed



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