Commitments of our industry

The European associations for liquid heating fuels and equipment are committed to further improving the environmental performance of liquid heating fuels and equipment by:

  • Contributing to the innovation of new highly energy-efficient techniques for heating equipment and liquid heating fuels.
  • Promote new products, such as condensing boiler technology and suitable fuels, and advice for modernization and saving energy.
  • Focus on the modernization of old oil-heating installations, which can then save up to 40 % of heating oil and related CO2 emissions.
  • Encourage regular inspections and maintenance programmes offered to the end-customer, to maintain energy efficiency throughout the entire product life cycle.
  • Offer objective, accurate comparative information on emissions from liquid heating fuels and alternative heating forms.
  • Contribute to the development of the best technical standards for domestic energy markets. Exchange best practices between member countries and related organizations.
  • Educate & inform consumers, in close cooperation with the associations of the heating equipment companies, and with installers, about best practices and energy efficiency measures.
  • Work with legislators and stakeholders to develop frameworks for the progressive introduction of liquid fuels with reduced greenhouse gas emissions for domestic heating.