Future fuels in practice: the future of liquid energy sources

The current Austrian government program 2020 includes a plan to phase out fossil fuels by 2040, making it even more ambitious than the EU's plan.

Liquid fuels should continue to contribute to building heating in the future. The practical suitability of climate-friendly liquid fuels from renewable sources is therefore being tested in existing oil-fired boilers.

Climate-friendly liquid fuels from renewable sources are already in use in 13 pilot plants supported by the Austrian Institute for Heat and Oil Technology (IWO). The pilot plants are operated with 100% synthetic liquid fuel XTL à XTL = Alternative liquid future fuels produced from different regenerative sources (X-to-Liquid).




All IWO-XTL pilot plants driven by an alternative liquid fuel are running without any problems.

Measurements after the first heating period made sure that in average the efficiency (lower exhaust gas temperature) has increased and CO- and NOx-emissions were decreased in pilot plants driven by XTL.

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