Training of technicians in the heating sector to meet EU objectives


Through its technical association Cedicol, the Belgian heating oil sector has set up a training centre and scheme which has trained burner and boiler technicians since 1965. The purpose of the training scheme is to ensure the efficiency and performance of newly installed and running oil heating equipment. This initiative has been institutionalized in a federal legal context since 1978. Training for tank inspections and energy audits has been added to the program later on. Today the EPBD Directive imposes regular inspections of heating systems in order to lower emissions and save energy. 


Heating oil serves no less than 1.6 million households, or 33 % of the market, in Belgium. The Belgian heating oil sector informs consumers on possible savings on their energy bills via its information centre Informazout. In addition, the heating oil sector holds a long tradition of cooperation with the heating industry through its technical & training centre on liquid fuels, Cedicol.

Central heating on oil was introduced in Belgian houses in the sixties. The oil sector soon became aware that cooperation with the heating industry was needed to inform and instruct the heating installers on boiler technology and the correct use of heating oil. As a result Cedicol was created in 1962 as technical knowledge centre on liquid fuels. In 1978 Belgian authorities put in place legislation imposing regular inspections of oil heating by "registered" technicians in the wider framework of climate protection through more efficient heating systems. In the 1990s with the entry into force of legislation on the installation and control of heating oil storage, Cedicol also started to organize trainings for "registered" oil tank technicians.

Cedicol is still today the leading technical centre for liquid fuels in Belgium and the leading training centre for installers of oil boilers and tanks. The training centre facilities in Brussels offer the latest models of oil boilers. Recently renewable energy systems such as solar thermal & hybrid have also been installed for training on the facility grounds. Moreover the centre has been transformed into a "multi-energy" training centre offering both training in heating inspections on oil and gas boilers.

To support these training activities a quarterly technical magazine is published, a technical road show for oil heating professionals on various locations in Belgium is organised and a help desk offers support via phone, website or e-mail.



  • Over 1000 installers are trained at the Cedicol Training Center each year. This is over 2/3 of all oil heating installers in Belgium.
  • The technical magazine "Chauffage Info" is read by approximately 20,000 heating professionals.
  • The annual roadshow for technicians is attended by more than thousand heating professionals.

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