Ever-increased efficiency for informed consumers: Industry facilitates the introduction of new EU labels on boilers


In September 2015, new EU regulations on space heaters introduced new efficiency requirements for oil boilers, as well as a label to inform about their performances.

Informazout, the Belgian information centre for a rational use of oil heating, developed specific communication tools to facilitate the introduction of these new rules on the Belgian market. The new system follows and replaces the former national label “Optimaz”.




A national labelling system for efficient oil boilers (“Optimaz”) was in place for 30 years in Belgium. Optimaz had been developed in 1986 by Informazout as an efficiency and quality label for low temperature oil boilers. With the arrival of high efficiency condensing technologies, Informazout had introduced the “Optimaz elite” label. Both labels were considered as a quality mark by the public authorities.

As the promotor of the Optimaz label, Informazout accompanied the introduction of the new EU eco-design standards and energy labels in 2015 through dedicated information tools, targeting both oil heating professionals and consumers.  

To advise oil technicians and installers on the new rules, Informazout organised a roadshow in cooperation with Cedicol, the Belgian technical knowledge centre on liquid fuels, explaining the new energy labels for boilers and heating installations. A technical publication was also released, explaining the details of the new EU regulation.

For consumers, Informazout prepared an information brochure on the new labelling system, which was distributed by oil heating suppliers. A special section of Informazout’s website has been dedicated to explaining the main features of the new system and a search engine assists consumers in finding the most efficient oil boiler suited for their home.



  • 2,200 oil technicians attended the roadshow on the new eco-design and energy labelling rules

  • Approximately 50,000 high efficiency oil boilers with the new labels have been installed in Belgium since 2016. The majority of these boilers have replaced older, inefficient heating installations in existing dwellings.